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  1. I don’t think this is a problem.

    Unlike japan or South korea, Indonesia home to 250million people scattered around many region. A sophisticated voting box will cause an unneccesary cost and waste for what essentially bi-annual event. on top of that, it will also require a storage and maintenance cost.

    To put this into perspective, with almost a million number of RW (where each voting take places) in Indonesia and each RW at the very least require 2 voting box.

    At a conservative assumption of 2 x 1.000.000 = 200.000 voting box, a sophisticated metal box like you illustrated in your earlier comic cost at the very least around $100 each. In total it require $200million upfront cost just for the initial procurement of the box (not withstanding the maintenance cost of said box).

    Meanwhile, KPU said the paper box only cost around $ 600.000 total. A stark different. That huge sum of money are definitely can be put to better use elsewhere.

    Regarding the security factor, it is actually an adverse selection, a factor that is more complex than what meets the eye. While undoubtedly metal box are more secure than paper box, a party with bad intention will always have a way to bypass a physical barrier like that. In Indonesia, the problem will mainly lies in “difficulty of control and surveilance” which in my opinion will bypass any form of physical security.

    With that in mind, i find your comic lack nuances and awareness of Indonesia’s situation.
    Granted, i am not simply a blind nationalist of my country, if for example you want to criticize, maybe you can discuss Indonesia’s growing intolerance toward liberal humanitarian value.

    thank you.

    1. How is it not a problem? Yesterday I read the news that the boxes contain people’s vote in malaysia were burned to ashes. that’s only one example.

  2. I still dont understand your logic mr ona, how is using cardboard a bad thing?
    what should we use then? gold box for election? silver? plastic? as if those material make it better
    atleast we don’t worship world war criminal family and honor them as emperor

  3. The election budget is Rp 24 trillion (US$ 1.7 billion). It’s the bigger than before. If the previous election we used aluminium boxes to keep the votes, now we use paper boxes. It’s strong, it’s unbreakable, said the Election committee.
    And the worst thing already happen in Malaysia where the election abroad is held 3 weeks before Election in Indonesia. The car is burnt and so is the thousand votes in the paper boxes:

    Mobil Terbakar, Ribuan Surat Suara Pemilu 2019 di Malaysia Hangus
    Reporter: Masrurkoresponden KualaLumpur
    Editor: Syailendra Persada
    Senin, 8 April 2019 19:03 WIB

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  4. Oi don’t just whine about such things la. Make a viable alternative first before complaining. Anw as you are a foreigner, you better shut up.

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