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【Jakarta jiji】Indonesia’s first subway, in which Japan was fully involved, delayed its business in the country of everyday affairs, reaching the goal of opening in March. While there is a strong sense that the construction has not been completed, there is a strong sense of rush, but the high-speed railway that China received an order has become a sight of Japanese brands while the completion of construction has been delayed by several years. Behind that, Japanese companies that have received orders receive a scream that “payment is delayed and they are in the red”.

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a Japanese ODA loan project, and the construction cost for the client is paid by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). However, the payment requires the permission of the business owner “MRT Jakarta”, and according to several parties, “irrational payment has been squeezed” one after another.

As a result, many Japanese companies are forced to borrow money to pay for material and labor costs, and “interests are lost all over” and “any company is red.” Not only the main contractor, but also subcontractors were affected. There are companies that ask third parties for arbitration, and that there are companies that “offend the risk” and forbidding a bid for the second phase. 

【ジャカルタ時事】 日本が全面的に関わったインドネシア初の地下鉄は、事業の遅れが日常茶飯事の国で目標通り「3月開業」にこぎ着けた。まだ工事が終わっていない場所があるなど駆け込み感は強いが、中国が受注した高速鉄道は数年単位で完工が遅れる中、日本ブランドの面目躍如となった。その陰で、受注した日本企業からは「支払いが滞り、赤字になった」との悲鳴が漏れる。




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  1. this is the stupidest insult on my country’s elections

    Who are you anyway to judge ? your narrow point of view is full of hatred. Try a technology called GOOGLE, and you will know that many countries are already using biodegradable materials, try Canada, Great Britain, Italy and I dare you mock them, too … are they stupid, too ?

    or it is you, who never saw the world – which is stupid

    1. Wow dude, butthurt much? You now are insulting him with your blabbermouth.

      His country is in red state, can’t you just give a little bit empathy? Or can you just explain the problem and help him open his eyes about the real situation if you are knowing the truth rather than mocking him enormously? His comics are about satire about what he sees, I believed he made researches before he wrote out this.

      I bet you just want see positive breezes only about your countries, no matter whether it’s false or not. Heck, you just embarrassed yourself.

      Don’t worry, I’m Indonesian too. As I love my president, Jokowi, I will still listen every critics that addressed to him and also my country, as much as I appreciate his work. Well, your comment is showing that we seemed to never want to learn.

  2. If Prabowo can become Indonesia’s next President, the payment will run smoothly


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