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0076 jakarta MRT


  • 2019.03.25 時事通信より
  • 【ジャカルタ時事】日本が全面的に関わったインドネシア初の地下鉄は、事業の遅れが日常茶飯事の国で目標通り「3月開業」にこぎ着けた。まだ工事が終わっていない場所があるなど駆け込み感は強いが、中国が受注した高速鉄道は数年単位で完工が遅れる中、日本ブランドの面目躍如となった。その陰で、受注した日本企業からは「支払いが滞り、赤字になった」との悲鳴が漏れる。



https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190324-00000055-jij-asia(4/7 PM16:00deleted)
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jakarta MRT injurious reluctance; holding off; wait-and-see

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    1. I think Onan Hiroshi not really know about mrt boss. MRT Jakarta company own by local government and central government. The share local government 51 % and central government 49 %. Local government whose the governor now was elected Mr. Anies Baswedan and Central Government which exactly responsible this project might be minister BUMN and financial minister. Your cartoon describe not exactly true.

      1. sorry, jakartaMRT Boss is who???
        “Anies Baswedan” is who? JMRT BIGBOSS???

      2. No. pak IDR. I think his cartoon is correct. What wrongs were boss mrt’ hat and hair style only. All contracts has been made contract between PT MRT Jakarta and Japanese (or JO) contractors. So, contractors have to claim to MRT Jakarta as same as the cartoon shows. If the boss MRT Jakarta, bapak William Sabandar could escape or neglect from the claims, the owner of the MRTJ, the governor and the central government are not able to know “officially” about the claims. The President Jokowi, as well, since no body “officially” reported.
        So, your boss is a quite clever person to withdraw money from Japanese contractors and he may believe that is likely donation from Jepan. Good job for all indonesian, and say thanks jepan.

  1. as indonesian, i feel ashamed to what our goverment do. But we hope, relationship between indonesia & japan will always in harmony.


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