0096 clean ~Developed country VS Developing country~ difference in perception | Coronan virushi

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  1. Tell that to Singapore, a country more advanced than Japan in (almost) all aspects. Also, o-soji (or so it is called) is only a thing in Japan. Grow up, Hiroshi.

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  3. 1. education curriculum are messed up. Elementary school kids are taught crazy math and unnecessary knowledge. Not taught moral and ettiquette properly. Students are driven to pass the many test, not to understand. Many teacher are underpaid. And even the well paid ones mostly arent good enough. Real teacher are SSR in this country.
    2. The poor are mostly lazy, untrained, and most are vulnerable to hoax. Reactive, Too stupid and fixated on something unimportant/wrong/ irrelevant. The rich just wants to be richer and have more influence. The good people trying to change the situation arent supported enough, sometimes even got taken down.
    3. Garbage treatment are almost non-existent. Goverment should push this matter to encourage the birth of garbage processing company. This need to be done professionally like other more developed countries.

    Many more


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